CC foundation recognise the barriers present in low-income socio-economic areas & are dedicated to eradicating them by bringing a change in culture to those currently in those circumstances. We recognise that the mind-set harvested from these conditions tends to lead to a lack of motivation, low standards and creates a hunger for comfort at a low cost. We commit to challenge these issues, provide people with the opportunities to see and set high standards for themselves, loved ones and all others they cross paths with.
C&C Foundation named after Fekky's two sons Capree and Cuben, is a grassroots organisation to support young people from the UK. We work closely with the community, starting in Lewisham, to up-skill the next generation of youth, through mindfulness, long term wealth generation and empowerment in a large number of fields. This process starts with educating, making opportunities more accessible and removing any barriers of reaching the heights of a chosen pathway.